Psychotherapy by phone or webcam video:

For people who want psychotherapy but:

  1. Do not have access to well-qualified professionals in their area or have not found therapists in their area helpful.
  2. Would find it more convenient to conduct therapy in the privacy of their own home.
  3. Are agoraphobic (fearful of leaving their home), but still want therapy. 

Telephone Therapy:

  1. You either email me or call (503) 699-5534, telling me your name, your situation, your phone number and why you want telephone therapy. I will consider your request and then call you to discuss whether or not telephone therapy would be appropriate for you.
  2. If it appears that telephone therapy would be an appropriate method for you, I will fax or send you information forms to fill out prior to our first session.
  3. We will establish a time and date for your session. You will then send me the fee of $225 for the initial 45-minute session and I will call you at the appointed time. (Additional sessions are $170 each). Although my usual fee for phone therapy sessions is $170, I am willing to work with people for somewhat less if there is a financial need. Payments may be made through PayPal.

Internet Webcam Therapy:

The steps to contact me via two-way internet video may vary according to your specific computer set up. I have three connection options available for video conferencing, Skype, iChat, and Yahoo Messenger:

In general, to take advantage of two-way video conferencing, you will need: 

  • a web camera
  • microphone and speakers, or headset. (However, a regular telephone will work with Skype.)
  • a fast internet connection -- DSL, cable or higher. 56K dialup won't do.
  • a processor speed of greater than about 800MHz, either PC or Mac.


Most computers that are under five years of age should be sufficient. See the System Requirements in more detail.

Below you will find a general overview of how to connect over the internet via video conferencing:

  1. Obtain a compter/internet "web cam." You should be able to find one starting at about $30. Several popular brands are MacAlly, Logitech, Labtec, Creative Labs, Panasonic, HP, etc. Most cameras should work with both services. Install the software driver that comes with the camera and go to the manufacturer's website to see if any driver updates are available to download and install.


  2. Download and install one of:

    Choose the software version appropriate for your system configuration. All sites have helpful support for installation and using their set-up wizards.

    If needed: 
    Yahoo support:
    Skype support:
    FaceTime support:

  3. Once installed, launch the program and sign in or create an account if it is your first time using the messenging program service. The confirmation process will require replying to an email that is sent by the service to your existing or newly created email account. Sometimes these auto-generated confirmation messages get snagged by spam filters. If you do not receive the confirmation email within about one hour, check your spam folder for a message about your new account information. You may need to revisit the site and request a new email be sent, or talk to a customer service representative.


  4. After creating and confirming your account, you are ready to contact me by email or telephone, and I will give you my specific account information.