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Dr. Stephan Tobin Clinical Psychologist

Teaching and Consulting...

Teaching and Training Activities: Some of my favorite activities as a psychologist are interacting with other therapists as a peer, sharing clinical experiences and theories of psychotherapy; and as supervisor and consultant.

I have taught and supervised therapists in the fundamentals of Gestalt Therapy, Self Psychology, and Intersubjectivity. I've also provided supervision of EMDR therapists who wish to integrate EMDR techniques with the more traditional forms of therapy they practiced before learning EMDR.

Principles as teacher and supervisor of Psychotherapists

As a long time teacher, supervisor and consultant of beginning and experienced therapists, I have come to believe in certain basic principles about the field of psychotherapy:

1. All schools of therapy have something positive to offer the clinician. While some methods may appear better than others or have a more sophisticated theoretical base, each therapist should choose a method that fits his or her own personality. Thus, a therapist who needs physical activity should not attempt to be an orthodox psychoanalyst. Conversely, a cerebral, shy, introverted person should probably not attempt a type of therapy that requires a good deal of activity by the therapist and emotional involvement with clients. Thus, rather than being wedded to a particular therapeutic school, I value helping therapists grow according to their own unique skills, talents and--most importantly--their unique personalities.

2. One factor that's very important for an effective therapist is that he or she have a good awareness of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and have worked through, in personal therapy, major problematic issues in his or her own life.

3. Another very important factor is that the therapist have one over-arching theoretical foundation into which to integrate techniques gained from other therapeutic theories and methods.

4. No therapist, no matter how experienced, has completed his or her growth as a clinician. This means that all therapists need ongoing consultation and training, particularly when encountering difficulties with certain clients. I myself have had many, many years of consultation, particularly when I'm attempting to master a form of therapy that's new to me.

5. A major focus of my supervision and consultation is in helping therapists understand and deal with counter transference issues that may be affecting the therapist's understanding of the needs of the problematic client. Over many years of supervising and training therapists, I have found that the major reason for a therapist being ineffective with certain clients is unfinished business from the therapist's own life.

Biographical Notes:

I have trained therapists in the fundamentals of Gestalt Therapy and psychoanalytic Self Psychology throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and have long presented talks and workshops at numerous professional conferences, including the Association of Humanistic Psychology; the Gestalt Conference; the American Psychological Association, the American Association of Psychotherapists and the Annual EMDR International Association Conference.

I also conduct classes for Psy.D. and Ph.D. students at Saybrook Graduate Institute Research Center and at Ryokan College.

I serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. My numerous articles are about Gestalt Therapy, psychoanalytic Self Psychology, on the integration of existential-humanistic psychology with psychoanalysis, and on the integration of EMDR with more traditional therapies..

I welcome inquiries from professionals seeking consultation and supervision. I schedule in-office supervisions as well as telephone and internet consultations. If you'd like to schedule an appointment or to request additional information, please email me or contact me by phone at (503) 699-5534.

My office addresses are

Tillamook Professional Building
2106 NE 40th Ave.
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West Linn, OR Office
(near Marylhurst Univ.)
(503) 699-5534