Online Psychotherapy with STEPHAN TOBIN Ph D


Dr. Stephan Tobin Clinical Psychologist

My Practice...

I BELIEVE IN THREE ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES in my work as a psychologist:

  1. The relationship between therapist and client is the most important factor in successful psychotherapy. I attempt to create a safe environment in which clients experience the support to explore meaningful aspects of their lives.

  2. Each therapy client is unique. Each brings differing needs and unique capabilities. I have a great deal of experience with various therapeutic modalities including Self Psychology, Relational Psychoanalysis, Gestalt Therapy, Intersubjectivity and EMDR, which enables me to tailor a treatment plan to each client's requirements.

  3. I believe that people have within themselves the resources for positive change. My job is to help them discover and learn to use these resources to solve their problems and enhance their growth.

People have different goals in therapy.

  • I work with those who want an intensive growth experience to become more creative and more effective in discovering and reaching their goals, fulfilling their potential, and to improve and expand their relationships with others, their work environments and their communities.

  • I use a short-term approach with those who want to deal with a specific problem. The problem might be the resolution of depression caused by traumatic loss, the treatment of panic or anxiety disorders, coming to terms with life choice and career issues, dealing with money problems, or working through a phobia. Phobias could include fear of certain animals, of doctors or dentists, or of leaving the home (agorophobia).

  • I find the use of Eye Movement Densitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) a very powerful method for resolving post traumatic stress resulting from severe trauma such as physical or sexual attack, traffic accidents, work-related trauma, or the witnessing of violence. EMDR is also very useful in developing and installing needed resources in people who need help in handling intense emotions comfortably, and in increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • I work with couples to help them understand themselves and each other more fully, to communicate more effectively and to resolve conflict in constructive ways. This results in increased intimacy and the ability to work cooperatively in achieving both joint and individual goals.