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Dr. Stephan Tobin Clinical Psychologist

Glossary of Therapies...

  • Psychodynamic Therapy
    Originally created by Freud, many modern developments, including Object Relations, Relational Analytic, Self Psychology, Intersubjectivity.

  • Gestalt Therapy
    Originally created by Fritz and Laura Perls, a modern version is Relational Gestalt. Main features are phenomenology, contact blocks, here and now focus.

  • Couples Therapy
    Couples therapy is the therapy of choice when most of the problems an individual has are with his or her spouse or significant other. It's also the most difficult form of therapy for most therapists to practice, as research by John Gottman, PhD, a professor at the University of Washington, has shown. The method I use is Emotion Focused Couples Therapy.

  • Group Therapy
    Excellent form of therapy for those seeking help in learning to function better in relationships with others and in groups.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
    Very powerful method for working through trauma, an extremely useful technique when integrated with other forms of therapy, such as psychodynamic and Gestalt Therapy. Utilizes brain's natural information-processing functions.