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As a veteran psychologist, with over 35 years of experience practicing, teaching and supervising psychotherapists in various venues, I decided it was time to share my ideas about psychotherapy and clinical work in general with the community of mental health practitioners.  I hope you find the articles here interesting and thought-provoking and I will look forward to your comments. 

I hope to post a new article every few weeks.  For articles on psychotherapy and issues relating to mental health, please click on “Therapist’s Corner.” For general articles of interest to all, choose “General Topics.”

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Here are my latest posts:

Physical and Mental Exercise and Their Effects on Dementia

As those of you know who read my blog, I have been a strong advocate for regular exercise because it is very helpful for physical and mental health at any age, particularly for the aging. (As an aging person, myself, I’ve had a bit of an axe to grind!)   I have also created  a questionnaire […]

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Working With Clients Who Have Fixed Mindsets

There are numerous ways that psychotherapists can help clients with fixed mindsets  change to a growth mindset.  I find this particularly important for those who feel a sense of shame and uselessness because they are not experiencing a sense of purpose and effectiveness in their lives.   It is especially important for those who are retired […]

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The Mindset Concept and How it Helps to Understand Clients in Therapy

Why are some people who experience difficulties, even failures, in certain endeavors, work hard to improve,  while others give up when they begin to have difficulty?   A seemingly simple theory I have found helpful in understanding this difference in clients is Mindset, a concept Carol Dweck, a social psychologist, has identified.  She defines Mindset as a […]

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Vipassana Noting:  A Good Meditation Method For Many Clients

In the last several years there had been an explosion of interest in meditation.  There are many methods  of meditation and no one type fits everyone.  The methods I have tried are:  chanting  a  mantra;  just noticing and/or counting the breaths; staring at a simple, inanimate object like a leaf or a candle for many […]

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More Thoughts on Working With Hostile Introject

Another way the hostile introject can be softened is through an intense, long-term relationship between therapist and client.   The therapist shows the client what Carl Rogers called unconditional positive regard.  Because the client gradually sees the therapy relationship as increasingly more  safe over time, he reveals more and more details about activities his internal critical judge has shamed […]

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