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As a veteran psychologist, with over 35 years of experience practicing, teaching and supervising psychotherapists in various venues, I decided it was time to share my ideas about psychotherapy and clinical work in general with the community of mental health practitioners.  I hope you find the articles here interesting and thought-provoking and I will look forward to your comments. 

I hope to post a new article every few weeks.  For articles on psychotherapy and issues relating to mental health, please click on “Therapist’s Corner.” For general articles of interest to all, choose “General Topics.”

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Here are my latest posts:

More Thoughts on Working With Hostile Introject

Another way the hostile introject can be softened is through an intense, long-term relationship between therapist and client.   The therapist shows the client what Carl Rogers called unconditional positive regard.  Because the client gradually sees the therapy relationship as increasingly more  safe over time, he reveals more and more details about activities his internal critical judge has shamed […]

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Softening the Hostile Introject by Use of Empty Chair Approach and/or Voice Dialogue

In a previous article, I discussed the origin and function of the hostile introject, the part of the self described as the Critical Parent (Eric Berne), the Topdog (Fritz Perls) , critical Object Representation (object relations therapy), and Super Ego (Freud).    When I worked with Fritz Perls at Esalen  he seemed to imply that […]

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A Questionnaire To Distinguish Habit From Addiction

Lance Dodes, MD, (http://www.lancedodes.com)  is, in my opinion, one of the the best writers on addiction,  He is a psychoanalyst,  and has been the director of substance abuse treatment at two institutions,   and Director of the Boston Center for Problem Gambling.  He has written three excellent books on addiction and in his last one, […]

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Sexuality in the Therapeutic Relationship: Disguised Need for Merger

Sexual feelings that occur in the therapy relationship can be a huge problem for therapists, particularly those that are relatively inexperienced.  When the client shows signs of attraction, therapists  frequently  feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and even avoid awareness of the attraction.   Instead of exploring, in a curious, dispassionate way what the attraction means to the client, young therapists frequently […]

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Therapists Normal Narcissism: Part III

Assuming that most therapists have had their primitive, childlike narcissistic needs met while growing up, they still have certain mature mirroring and idealizing needs that at least some of their clients should gratify if they are to find their work interesting and rewarding.  These needs are, of course, different for different therapists.  But here are some of the […]

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